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We are a Co-operative Multi-Academy Trust, with six member schools within the Essex area.

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Vision & Values

Osborne Academy Trust Values

The ethos of all schools in our Trust is centred on the values of self-responsibility, self-help, equality, equity, democracy and solidarity. By providing support to each other with these values in mind, we aim to improve educational standards in our school and the local area so that every pupil can reach their full potential. We believe that it is a sense of shared responsibility – in which everybody has a vested interest and the opportunity to play their part – that will transform education in our community.

 As part of the Osborne co-operative academy trust, we have taken the trust values and highlighted where they appear in our Christian core values. We have copies of these values in every classroom and reflection corner. 

British Values

In November 2014 the British Values published guidance on promoting British Values in schools, to ensure pupils leave school prepared for life in modern Britain.  The Fundamental British values are:

  • Democracy;
  • The rule of law;
  • Individual liberty;
  • Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

At Doddinghurst Junior School, we have worked to link the British Values with our own Co-operative values and visions; making them part of our everyday school life.

Click to Download Doddinghurst's British Values 


Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC)

 At Doddinghurst Junior School we have an important part to play in the personal development of each child within our school. We aim to offer them a broad and balanced curriculum with provision for children to develop their social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding and experiences. In preparing children for later life, we aim to develop:-

  • Knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Responsible attitudes to themselves and others
  • An ability to distinguish between right and wrong 
  • An appreciation of their own and others beliefs and culture
  • An understanding of how different beliefs and cultures influence individuals and societies 

 Spiritual Development

Promotes opportunities for children to reflect upon and respond to aspects of their lives and the human condition through, for example, literature, music, art, science, religious education and collective worship. Children are given opportunities for stillness, appreciation of others, reflection, feeling of awe and wonder and developing relationships. 

Moral Education

Promotes opportunities for children to learn about moral rules and the investigation of moral decision making. Through moral education children learn about relationships and responsibilities, about making positive contributions to their community and about considering the needs of others. Children are given the opportunities to experience moral discussions, develop moral awareness, and values such as honesty, trustworthiness and reliability and develop positive behaviour. 

Social Opportunities 

Promotes an understanding of the importance of personal relationships and how they are influenced and can influence others. Through social opportunities children learn about being a part of and creating a caring community. Within school, children learn responsibility for their actions and words. They learn the need to be self disciplined and to understand the need for external rules for the good of all. They are given opportunities to be an active member of society, work collaboratively, develop a sense of personal and shared responsibility and make decisions. 

Cultural Enlightening 

 Promotes understanding of what it means to live and be a part of a multicultural world. Through cultural enlightening children learn to value their own culture and then learn about and begin to understand other cultures. Children are given the opportunity to recognise similarities and differences, develop empathy and respect for those around them and have personal pride. They are encouraged to experience special events from their own and other cultures in order to develop well rounded individuals. 

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